Nicoya and surroundings

Nicoya is a large peninsula that houses the entire southern part of Guanacaste and is also the name of the city with more evidence of pre-Columbian Chorotega culture. Nicoya means "country with water on both sides" in Nahuatl language. 

In the town of Nicoya, you can also find tourist hubs to visit the southern beaches of Guanacaste, tour the coffee plantations or venture into the magnificent caverns of Barra Honda. Various holidays that combine folklore and religion are other attractions tourists can enjoy in this area.

Nicoya is a place of unique folk traits, like the celebration of La Yegüita, a link between the old days of the brotherhoods and religious and mystical faith around Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose celebrations on December 12th date from colonial times. 

Cavernas de Barra Honda en Guanacaste-Barra Honda Caves

Barra Honda National Park has a totally different treasure hidden several meters under the surface. This treasure is composed of impressive caves, crevices and underground streams majestically decorated with sculptures of calcium molded by nature over thousands or even millions of years.

Accessing these enigmatic landscapes used to be a privilege only reserved for experienced mountaineers and geologists, but thanks to the equipment of the park and its experienced guides, anyone in good condition can live the experience of penetrate, experience and discover the mysterious underworld in Barra Honda.





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