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Asociación Creciendo Juntos

Asociación Creciendo Juntos
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Elsa Bonilla Conejo (+)
Address: Comunidad, Carrillo
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Since 2001, Creciendo Juntos (Peninsula Papagayo community program), has been working with 19 communities in Guanacaste, to increase access to health, education and training, empowering residents of the region to achieve a sustainable future and better quality of life. Today there have been over 600000 participants in Creciendo Juntos sponsored courses, workshops and training activities, benefiting children, youths, adults and senior citizens and broadening the horizon of job opportunities, self-employment and entrepreneurship for residents in the region.

Creciendo Juntos is convinced that the best means to accomplish its goals is to establish strong relationships with appropriate private and public institutions and governmental agencies at both, local and national leves, to have effectively carried out its mission: being a collaborative platform that promotes and guides actions of social investment in education and health, seeking the welfare of the people and the transformation of Guanacaste communities.

On July 2013 Creciendo Juntos become a nonprofit association, opening the door to roader financial support.  Working in partnership with Amigos of Costa Rica, a qualified IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, Creciendo Juntos is elegible to receive contributions deductible as a charitable gift.

Our programs:

Education: since 2001 this program is developed within 18 schools and 3 high schools, with 290 teachers and 4500 students. It is directed toward: I- providing ongoing teacher training II-improving physical facilities and school materials and supplies III- educating students and parents about the need & importance of education.

Technical Education: to assist residents of the communities, that are beyond high school age and those high school students who do not enroll in university system, Peninsula Papagayo built a training center in 2014 with three classrooms.  Through a partnership with the National Technical Training Institute (INA) more than 6000 people have studied and acquired skills, which allowed them to take advantages of job opportunities offered in the area because of the tourism, real estate and commercial development.

Health: in March 2011, a partnership between Peninsula Papagayo and Costa Rica Social Security, allow us to opened a regional clinic for free comprehensive and preventive healthcare for children.  Since the opening, the clinic has treated 18,225 kids and youth, and have provided health campaigns and talks that have come to 5,270 people.

Volunteering & donations: in November 2009, Creciendo Juntos incorporated various volunteering initiatives and more than 500 different guest groups and families have participated. Paint a school, help with gardening, teach english, do art & craft, play sports & games, share knowledge in specific area, or make donations for technology, educational programs, school supplies, sport supplies or any others.





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